when i first got jeana's email, i didn't know what to think. she sent a bubbly email from germany (nate was stationed overseas), inquiring about a backyard wedding for 200+ guests. i thought, "wow, this is crazy ambitious" or "this might be a scam" (like the south african prince who will give you millions of dollars after you wire him $5000 sort of thing). we met up with jeana and her parents when she was visiting over christmas, and we were ready to pack our bags, move in, and join the gallinatti clan. definitely no scam here haha.

it's always nerve wracking starting wedding season. though we've shots hundreds of weddings, and we always pull through, the first one of the season is always just one big ball of nerves. we could not have asked for a more laid back yet incredibly epic wedding to start our season with this year. i think we were more nervous than she was when we saw her in the morning. all morning, she just has a smile from ear to ear, beaming, and all she could say was "guys, this is so much fun!"

and she kept smiling like that all day. every one did. from the heartfelt vows, to the hilarious toasts (we were in tears and i thought i might pee myself from laughing so hard), and the most insane dancefloor we have experienced to date - the day could only be summed up with "so much fun!" thank you both for welcoming us into your home, to be a part of your friends & family for the day. we hope all is well in leavenworth and we miss you like crazy.