For us, wedding photography isn't really about the photos themselves. From beginning to end, it's about you.

We tell a story you can pore through for a lifetime to come, reliving every moment, both big and small. How your hands shook as you tied and retied your bowtie, pinned and re-pinned your boutonniere. How you felt both relieved and excited (and probably a bit nauseous) as you walked down the aisle. How the room fell quiet and it felt like there was no one else in the world but the two of you as you swayed to your favorite song. We want you to experience the moments you may not have even seen the first time around— how your mom fought back her tears as you said your I do's, or how tightly your dad held you during the father-daughter dance.

When you look back on your wedding day, we don't want you to recall us as another wedding vendor, but as the new friends who quietly (or not so quietly— I mean, we do love us some Journey jams) celebrated with you from that first spritz of hairspray until the lights went way, way down.

Wedding commissions start at $3000. Just like how your dress and your suit should be tailor made for you, as should your wedding photography. Get in touch with us and we'd love to build a custom package fit to tell your love story.

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Oh, hey. Hi. Hello, there.

We've known each other for too many years to count, and we've been the best of friends for as long as we can remember.

(Okay, fine, we can remember but it sounds more magical this way.)

Having navigated a lot of life beside one another, we were fortunate enough to discover many of our first loves together. We ran away to Europe one summer, and as we trained and ferried across borders and along coastlines, we started documenting our journey through photos. We took pictures of sceneries and skylines, of strangers and of each other, of anything and everything. And as that European summer fling came to its Indian summer end, we each took the plunge into very serious, long-term relationships with photography.

Though we dabble with fine art, product, and travel photography, we developed a passion for wedding photography. Don't let the leather camera straps and our stern efficiency fool you, we're big softies and hopeless romantics at heart. 

Fun fact: Sam has cried at almost every wedding we've ever photographed. Seriously.

Rye whiskey, white furniture, old books, and constant exploration are just a few of our favorite things. Oh, yours too? See, we're practically best friends already.